Sunday, August 13, 2017

H shaped UFO Sighting with mass showing intelligence and great speed 8/13/17 Nottingham GB

UFO Sighting reported over Nottingham GB. UFO Report reads as follows: I went outside for a cigarette about 7.30 am on 13 August 2017. I noticed a UFO light moving at speed. Thought nothing of it until I seen it just stop dead and get brighter. Really bright. Thought it was the sun reflecting off a plane until it stopped moving. So I went into the house and got my binoculars thinking it was a planet. Then I noticed it had mass and I was looking at a UFO with a flat gray outer body color and was a distinct shape of a H but a narrow H two long cylinders with a round bit connecting in the middle. It looked like well best way I can describe is it had the effect on exterior like in the film district 9 same as the alien life boat. Rugged and battered well used is another word. Lots of white lights on the underside of this UFO which made me think it was changing shape but it was the lights moving around. I watched it for a further 5 min as it moved to overtake and avoid a large plane. Then the UFO just accelerated away over the houses. mufon cms# 85883

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