Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bright White UFO dropping small orbs 8/24/17 over De Kalb Texas

It was 8:30 pm, just getting fairly dark, I was going down a farm market road headed to work when I noticed that there was a strange looking flying UFO with bright lights 2 that really stood out but the whole UFO was very lit up it was coming from my South side from across a pasture. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and started recording on video. The UFO comes across the pasture then gets in front of me and is flying directly above the road in front of me as I'm recording it. I am driving and taping at the same time. We go like this for awhile when I then notice there are 2 star size lights or orbs that are falling from the UFO. A few seconds after this I actually go under the UFO and I look up through my sun roof and can see the bottom of it, it appeared to be square, and lit underneath, it's hard to recall but seemed to have maybe pink and blue lighting? I didn't get that on video because I was driving . Very shortly after that I found a driveway to pull into so that I could get out and see this thing. After I pulled into the driveway which was now in front of the UFO I grabbed my cell and tried to get more video, I could see the UFO, it was hovering in a clearing in the direction I just came from it was lit up and unusual looking. You can at this point hear the sound of it on my video but you can't see it. It then goes straight back in the direction we had just came from, I heard some people across the street talking and I went over to ask if they saw it, it was a ways back behind their house, but they were under their carport at the time and didn't see it, but one of the men said that they heard something.Then I went on to work. mufon cms# 86357

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