Sunday, June 25, 2017

Brightly lit almond-shaped UFO over Panama City 6/18/17 reported

An almond (or oval) shaped UFO in the sky in Panama City, Panama, was observed in a direction where no such UFO was observed for a whole two years prior to June 18, 2017. Proximity to building provided reference point that the craft was static. The UFO generated its own energy source as it was brightly lit. (It recalled a previous sighting in early childhood in South America observed by the entire neighborhood which also featured an UFO that was similarly lit. That UFO sat up in the sky but slightly higher than the horizon). This UFO was located much higher up, possibly in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. But it was far closer than a satellite would have been and, again, it did not move. Stars that evening were also clearly seen and looked like distant dots. UFO also appeared to have a rod-like shaft of light sticking downward out of its belly. It is not possible to tell whether it was a light beam or a solid part of the UFO. The general impression was similar to that of a wasp in flight except that the UFO did not move. Because the UFO shape was elongated, it could have well been a transport vehicle. But it was too far up in the sky to make out any occupants. It also looked rather large. Observer does not know how long the UFO remained in place as it was only seen for an hour, after which the person went to bed. Observer has seen UFOs with the naked eye twice before but never in this same area or country. This object could certainly be described as having the broad characteristics of similar UFO. Observer went out the next evening and ascertained that no such object could be seen in the clear night sky. The UFO had vanished. source

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