Thursday, June 8, 2017

Black Triangle UFO Sighting with yellow lights on either side of it Slingerlands NY 5/31/17

It hovered for 5 minutes and vanished after I took my eye of it for 1 sec. I was driving and noticed an UFO hovering in the sky. It was Black Triangular and appeared to have a white or yellow light on either side of it. The lights were static and not flashing. The UFO did not move except for periodic lateral sways that were not that dramatic. I pulled into a parking lot to stop and get a better look. With my eyes on it the entire time, I parked and when I emerged from the car, it was just gone. No sign of it at all in any direction. At the time I was viewing the UFO, there were 2 helicopters near by but flying low that appeared to be approaching the UFO from opposite directions. After I had emerged from the car and realized the UFO was gone, I also realized one of the helicopters had vanished as well and the other one had turned back toward Albany. It was strange. nuforc.og

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