Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10-12 Bright Orange Orb UFOs flying then hovering then flying away New Jersey 7/10/02

Between 2002-2004 around the summer (July-August) in the evening (2100-2230) I witnessed 10-12 bright orange orb UFOs flying towards my friends and me. They stopped and hovered then left. Okay so with that out of the way, lets start from the beginning. It was later on in the evening as described above and two of my friends were with me in front of my parents house, just hanging out and relaxing, doing what teenagers do on summer break. Let me also state that no alcohol or drugs were involved. My friends and I were never into that stuff at an early age. It was a warm clear night, and the town was alive, mainly due to the carnival about 4-5 blocks down at the local church. Some neighbors were out lighting fireworks and you could hear the great time from the carnival even from that far away. You could also see the ambient glow of the lights from the carnival. Nothing like the blinking or strobing lights from rides more like the steady glow of white generator lights in the night sky. My two friends (boy and girl) and I decided not to go to the carnival that night and just relax in front of the house and chill. Two of my other friends left us and decided to see what was good there that year. About 30 mins after they left, my neighbor three houses to the east was lighting off fireworks, but none of them took off lol, they kept miss firing into the neighbors yard to the southeast of my house. 10 mins go by and he goes inside, I looked up in the distance and saw some orange lighted UFOs way up high. Thinking they were fireworks from the carnival, I gave no mind to them.
About five minutes go by and I look up to see more "fireworks" from the carnival (to the south) and the same orange lights were exactly in the same spot as before (or so it seemed from that distance). I kept my gaze on these UFOs to see them explode, but they never did. As I kept my eyes on them I noticed these UFOs getting bigger. They were traveling towards me (south-north). Without looking away I yelled to my friends to see if they saw what I was seeing. They said yes but paid no mind, thinking they were fire works. As these UFOs drew closer they descended to about the height of the run of the mil power lines, not the huge ones, so about just below tree top level (around 50ft.) I could now count them and there were 10-12 bright neon orange orb UFOs. Somehow still thinking they were fireworks I got nervous and thought they would explode to close to us. I yelled back to my friends to look and they stopped what they were doing to look. The orbs were flying in a V-shaped formation, when they got as close to us as they did, they stopped right over my neighbors roof. The orb UFOs changed formation to a straight line running east west (so perpendicular to the way they were traveling). The orb UFOs stayed there for about 2 mins, during their hovering (what I consider communication) They started dancing in and around each other for about 10-20 secs. After their brilliant dance, they lined up again same as before and slowly started flying towards us, over our heads and as they passed the roof tops behind us, UFOs picked up speed and were gone just like that. mufon cms# 84490 UFO Sighting occurred on July 7th 2002. Runnemede New Jersey

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