Saturday, December 26, 2015

Latest Reported UFO Sighting over San Diego CA

UFO Signs
I went to Sunset Cliffs at San Diego CA to surf in the afternoon. Just watching the sunset after and taking photos with my Galaxy S5. Shortly after sundown I had a sighting of a solid white UFO light hovering at several thousand feet over the ocean. It was then slowly tracking west and descending. The UFO stopped at a couple hundred feet above the ocean, descended, ascended to the prior height, descended again, reascended, then slowly descended into the depths. A dark helicopter was circling the area after then headed south. I was suspecting that it was a planned landing. After the incident I discovered an anomaly in the photos an Orb like UFO I've never seen before. There are 4 bright UFO Orbs within, as well as a silhouette of an Alien humanoid/light being with arms out on the bottom 2 bright Orbs. The only reason I believe this is not a digital anomaly is because of what I witnessed after the pictures were taken during sunset. I was too enthralled with the UFO Sighting encounter to get the camera out and it was far off and darker then. This UFO Orb with a flat bottom, domed top, and inner Orbs is glowing like a sun dog illuminated through the clouds. I didn't see it at all until it looked like a bright unchanging point of white light, smaller in comparison to the Orb. Since 1993 I've had dozens of UFO Sightings of all types...big, small, metallic, glowing, emanating auras, day, night, twilight, etc. I lost an hour while living in Lake Tahoe along with an entire household. Clocks, watches, battery or plugged in. All off one day. I was Spotlighted on the back deck the first night I entered that house in Tahoe Donner. Everyone who went in that house had experiences of being watched. The time lapse was 4 months later It's been 16 years since then and lately I'm witnessing all kind of new phenomenon. Daytime high elevation metallic UFO Orbs, a satellite height UFO (solid white) moving 3 times as fast, all the way across the horizon west to east, but faded on a light as bright and as big as the moon (through aerosol haze) on and then off in 5 seconds just once as it passed near overhead. Early morning, 4 am. Then 40 minutes later another on the same west to east path but no illumination 2nd pass, again moving triple or more than satellite speed. I believe in Devine intervention through our collective consciousness.... I've had some amazing intuitive experiences lately. I am hopeful that these light-beings are here to witness the atrocities in place on this beautiful garden planet. If we all realize the potential conflict within and make peace with ourselves first, then we can reach peace on a global scale and work together on harmonizing the balance. War cannot bring peace. Teach love. Unconditionally.... only Love can conquer a Demon. Be peaceful. Stay at Oneness. Promote positivity and consciousness through actions. This is the message I'm getting.  UFO Sighting Diego CA source MUFON CMS # 73344