Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter From Earth Guardian Susan Signal


Receiving a series of letters from people who claim they are walk-ins from other planets. They often hold important positions and one ran a multi-million dollar company using some of his off planet inventions. Susan has memories’ that might interest you.

Susan Johnson responds to John Wells Radio Program where he states that aliens are taking from the sun and moon, and that they need He3 to power their UFO ships. Susan says, “Nonsense we don’t use the sun as a source of energy, instead, we use the sun as a central point for hyper dimensional ascension of the solar system and, especially, the earth. It’s used as a stargaze for resonance harmonic projection (what earth scientists call stargazes or wormholes) of ‘our’ ships and mega ships and also acts as a streamer feed for hyper D’ currents through it to this system. These streamers are used as a hyperon coupling modulation to assist in ascension of Earth to higher D’s. We were called here by the Annunaki-proper-to help Earth and the universe reach a stability and D’ state. We also protect the earth from the extreme solar bursts and our UFO ships have been spotted around asteroids, meteors and so on-in order to deflect them away from Earth-not towards it.”

We don’t want the earth to be destroyed because it is in a strategic navigational point in the universe that encompasses several multiverse convergent points and D’ fast track streamers or wormholes. Plus, the earth has a diverse bio and climate diversity that is only seen on very few planets in this universe. With all the over sky activity and vast amounts of resources invested in this planet and its critical position in the universal matrix we can’t afford to let the earth die. We were pulled into a galactic war so as to protect our vectors (critical focusing points of energy used to modify the central planetary energy vortex in order to create a stable matrix configuration). We are lumped together with the greys and are accused of causing all kinds of chaos that is not true. Sincerely, Susan Johnson


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