Monday, July 6, 2015

Dr.Robert Sarbacher Confirms UFO Crash Rumors


A remarkable interview occurred in Washington, D.C., on September 15, 1950, but the content did not leak out until the early 1980s, when Canadian ufologist Arthur Bray found a memo by one of the participants, radio engineer Wilbert B. Smith of Canada’s Department of Transport. The memo described a conversation with physicist Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher, (shown) a consultant with the U.S. Department of Defense Research and Development Board (RDB), at one of the regular meetings and other government scientists conducted with their Canadian counterparts. On September 15, 1950: Wilbur Smith met with Dr. Sarbacher and immediately following the interview wrote notes about the meeting. Asked about the crash rumors, Sarbacher said they were “substantially correct.” He said, “UFOs exist and we have not been able to duplicate their performance, all we know is, we didn’t make them, and it’s pretty certain they didn’t originate on the Earth.” The issue was so sensitive that “it is classified two points higher even than the H-bomb. In fact it is the most highly classified subject in the U.S. government at the present time.” Sarbacher refused to say more.


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