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What Would Aliens want with Earth & Humans?

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What Would Aliens want with Earth & Humans?  

Published on Feb 22, 2014

Would "Aliens" bother to come and see us?

You haven't got to travel far to see something amazing or beautiful on this planet that we call Earth. But would an extraterrestrial see our world as being a beautiful place? Would an alien look at the Great Barrier Reef and see beauty or just a stony coral system made from calcium carbonate.Well if Extraterrestrials had a space craft that could travel to Earth you would automatically assume that they are extremely intelligent beings. The only other planet that humans have ever walked on is the Moon,(no, the Moon is not officially considered to be a planet. But it certainly has some of the characteristics of a planet) So if aliens travelled to Earth, even if it was from Alpha Centauri, they would be much more advanced us. So surely coming to Earth would mean that they had a motive. Check out a few ideas of way they might travel so far, what they might do with us and a look at at our selves compared to what we see aliens as.

"Maybe all of the movies we watch regarding this topic are really just reflections of ourselves and that we will be the unknown creatures descending from the sky's of alien planets one day"

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