Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Telepathic Contact with Dimensional UFO Star Beings

Alfred Steinecker and many others have been in telepathic contact with different benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations for several years. Star beings from these various nations have been sharing intercultural and scientific information during contacts. Their Message to Mankind was first published in 2016.

Alfred has just added several more pages of information to the firstcontact website. This information is based on direct contact with extraterrestrial beings. The following pages have been added to the First Contact introductory page: Humanity Becomes Part of the Cosmic Society; The Cosmic Society – Extraterrestrial Civilizations; Scientific Projects – The Search for Extraterrestrial Life; and Origin of Extraterrestrial Civilizations – The Cosmic Society. More information will be published on the website soon. It’s a big undertaking.

Some info about making contact with extraterrestrial civilizations:
• Contacts of different nature have taken place for a long time with humans
• Everyone is welcomed with joy when they want a contact. For this we will publish further information in the next days
• Telepathic communication is of great importance for information exchange
• Telepathic communication is based on intention, a language does not have to be learned
• Telepathic contacts as well as direct encounters can take place in the sleep phase as well as in the waking state
• Intensive contacts often take place at a brain frequency of about 4 Hz, i.e., in the transition from delta to theta waves. We are in a very relaxed state and are especially "receptive" to contacts. The reason why more and more people are remembering "weird UFO dreams" is because they are being contacted at this stage
• With some practice, a relaxed wakefulness in the "alpha" wave range is sufficient for telepathic communication
• Everyone has the ability for telepathic communication
• In addition to telepathic contacts, individual "encounters" are possible. Further information will be published shortly
• The time has come to look up into the sky! credit Marjie Bassier

This is fascinating reading! FIRST CONTACT WORLD    THE EVENT

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