Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Black Retangular UFO Sighting with no sound or lights Fort Loramis Ohio 5/15/17

When leaving a job site this morning at approximately 11:30 AM, I and another man observed a black rectangular UFO in the sky west of our location at Lake Loramie, Ohio. We observed this UFO for several minutes as it traveled on a northwesterly direction. While observing, we witnessed the UFO tumble lengthwise 180 degrees. I took several pictures of this happening. I then got into my vehicle and proceeded to follow the UFO. I drove north on St. Rte 362 along the west bank of Lake Loramie into Minster, Ohio. I traveled west thru Minster on the Minster – Egypt Pike to St. Rte. 364 still observing the object. I turned north on St. Rte. 364 and proceeded to St. Rte. 119. Turning west on St. Rte. 119, I follow the object into Maria Stein, Ohio. Upon reaching Saint Johns Road in Maria Stein, I turned north again observing that the UFO appeared to become either triangular or diamond shaped and I again photograph it. I looked at the road for traffic and upon looking back up, it has disappeared.