Saturday, February 11, 2017

UFO Sighting Red/White triangle plus "helo" rotor sound Athens MI

UFO Sighting reported Feb 6, 2017, 2325 EST Athens, MI . I started hearing what sounded like a single rotor helicopter just hovering, by the sound, maybe 200 yards away, 100 ft up. Over about 3 minutes the sound slowly increased, increasing in intensity, until my windows started rattling, as if a train was passing real close. The rotor sound was very loud, 85 – 95 db, increasing in pitch. I looked out the window, there was a bright moon, everything looked normal, no odd shadows, nothing blocking the moon. The coyotes were yipping and howling. In an instant, I saw 2 lines of a UFO light, one red, one white that formed the “sides” of a triangle, in that same instant, the UFO light triangle appeared to move extremely fast in a straight line making a screeching sound, almost like a startled mouse would make, only much louder. The UFO Sighting of this triangle appeared to be 30 yards away, possibly 15 – 20 ft in size, about 40 ft up. The “rotor sound” was gone, windows stopped rattling. A split second later, the rotor sound came back 200 yards farther East as just a low, slow moving drone. The UFO triangle light was as clear a light as I have ever seen, appeared to be just below a solid object, that now blocked the moon light, The acceleration was nearly instantaneous. The coyotes went silent. 3 hrs later there was a meteor that streaked the sky that was NOT anything like what I saw earlier. nuforc Athens, MI UFO sighting report

UFO Sighting Metallic Sphere hovered above power lines Grant MI

July 8th-2016 5:42 pm central time. Bright shinny silver/ metallic spherical UFO object, perfect round in shape. Hovering above power lines & excavating pits out back. Between pond & farm house. UFO stayed stationary for several seconds. I took several steps forward to finish stepping out from under cover of the large oak tree by pump, west side of pond. As I did this, it shot off at a extremely high rate of speed to the point it was too difficult to see the UFO trail that you would normally see, like say a jet flying by super fast. The UFO resembled a exercise ball in size. The ones you see at the gym or physical therapy centers. They are roughly 4-5 x's the size of a basketball. The UFO sphere was shinny as well. It looked as if you had taken a exercise ball and wrapped it with aluminum foil, completely seamless with no ridges or lines. The UFO sphere hovered several feet above power lines for approximately 10 seconds. As I reached for my i-phone to attempt to take a photo, it took off so fast, I couldn't even tell which direction it went. I had gotten a strange one with the world feeling several seconds before the UFO sighting. The feeling was as if a thought was given to me, or a idea at least; "to look up". The last time I'd gotten a feeling anything close to that was when I drowned for 5 min then given CPR and revived. There is much much more to life then meets the eye. mufon cms# 82008

UFO Sighting embryo shape 1 hour over Johnson City TN 2/9/17

UFO Sighting of a round shape craft seen over Johnson City, TN. Multiple witnesses. Had the effects of egg embryo in close look through high power night scope. Circle in shape Very bright multiple lights. UFO had two doors. One in the northwestern section of this ship and second in SE section of ship. Also, had a object located in the middle spinning. Almost the way and egg embryo in a woman would look before fertilization. And there was multiple aircraft sightings going by it. The UFO was observed through a high powered night scope. nuforc ufo report