Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cylinder UFO Sighting rotating in sky few blocks away two witnesses Redford MI 6/95

This UFO sighting entered by FI #22542 for witness who has seen 300-400 UFOs. See my 31 page initial report on all of these UFO sightings to Mich Chief FI, and my later updates with further investigation results. This UFO sighting entered at request of Chief FI, one of many UFO sightings witness has had. Witness was working with family members at mother's house in Redford sometime in mid 90's. Mid afternoon he and brother-in-law saw a "cylinder" rotating every 2-3 seconds perhaps several city blocks away and 1000-1500 feet up. He said they could have easily driven their car directly under it. Cylinder was a gray and black matte non-reflective surface with some shading variations that allowed rotation to be perceived. In my interview, witness drew small drawing (attached) which looked like upside down bottle shape, which witness agreed was more accurate. He estimated actual size as about the size of a pick-up truck. He estimated apparent size as a pinkie fingernail at arm's length. UFO Sighting lasted 2-3 minutes. Witness cannot recall end of UFO sighting. He since has done web searches to try and determine what it was they saw, and says a video from the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings shows exactly what he saw. Witness not sure if other family members at house also saw the UFO. I have attempted to make contact with other witnesses provided, with limited success. None of confirmations so far were for this UFO sighting. I have submitted results of Experiencer Questionnaire witness completed as appears witness may be an experiencer of some sort. Indications include scar of unknown origin, finding scratches in morning of unknown origin on his and girlfriend's back, multiple UFO sightings across generations of family members, several concurrently, recall of glowing mantis like face after 'God Flash' sighting, and sheer number of UFO sightings. Despite wording of next question, which cannot be changed, I was not a witness. There were only 2 witnesses in the 1990's event, and I am not one of them. mufon cms# 80776

Myself and 5 others observed a glowing UFO hovering PA 8/92

I believe it was approx. late August, early September 1992. My family and a friend were on our way home from spending the day at the amusement park (Hersey Park, PA). We were driving home in two separate cars, I and my girlfriend (wife now) were following my Dad, Mom, Sister and her friend. We were West bound on Hywy 22/322 beside the Juniata River. Approx. 10:00 pm as I was driving I noticed low on the horizon, above the river, a bright light in the night sky far ahead of us. I just thought it was bright star. A minute or so later I noticed that the light seemed closer. I grabbed my sleeping girlfriend's leg so hard that I woke her up and hurt her leg in the process. She said she thought it was a blimp, because it was still kinda far away. We began to watch the light as I was driving and kept getting closer and closer and brighter and glowing. When I realized it was a UFO, I remember saying "Oh my God! Oh my God!" By now it was right beside us, over the river. I started flashing my headlights on and off to get my Dad's attention ahead of us. We both pulled off to the side of the highway at the Watts Exit. Dad opens his door and exits his car leaving the door open. He begins to walk back to my car, not taking notice to the UFO. I rolled my window down and pointed to the UFO and said "Look Dad! Look! A UFO!" When Dad looked, he did a 'double-take' and stuttered stepped. He turned and ran to his vehicle and hunkered down behind the door. (This was the first time in my life that I actually saw fear in my Dad.) Dad was pointing at the UFO so the others would see it. The UFO could not have been much more that 100 to 200 feet above the highway. This UFO Sighting was very large, saucer-shaped, not thin but rather thick with a dome on top. It had a luminous glow to it, kinda like the moon. It had some darker areas, or some kind of markings on the thick rim. No sound. We watched it for a few minutes. My girlfriend and I could hear my Mom say "Get in the car, Dad! Get in the car, Dad!" We then sped away. The UFO just stayed there as we drove out of sight. On the way home I dropped my girlfriend off at her Grandparent's house. We went inside and while we telling them what we saw, Channel-27 News/Harrisburg reported that they received over 100 reports of a UFO sightings. They said it was a Navy blimp. What we saw was NO blimp.
My girlfriend went to work the next day at Weis Market in Mifflintown. One of her co-workers had said that they saw a UFO the night before, where she lived. Which was in Juniata County, in the East Waterford/Honey Grove area. mufon cms# 80777

Round odd shape UFO displaying pink and blue energy Edmond OK. 11/21/16

This UFO photo was taken on 11/21/16 over Edmond Oklahoma 
mufon cms# 80789