Monday, November 28, 2016

UFO Sighting reported three or four distinct lights over Moncton NB CA 11/26/16

Me and three of my kids were at the greater Moncton Christmas parade on main street about 15 minutes before it started. We were all looking down the street waiting for it to get started, looking for the first floats. Suddenly high up Three or four distinct UFO lights appeared and seemed to be in a slow descent. The UFO lights were switching from green to red and vice versa. They were in a triangle or square like shape. The UFO stopped and I nudged my oldest son and pointed. I also began to tell those around me who were equally surprised and baffled. Initially I thought maybe it was a plain but the way it moved so precisely and switched directions nearly instantly I knew it could not be. It stayed and hovered for about 30-45 seconds. During that time my son was taking out his phone to capture it on video. The lights then merged together as it was hovering in place, flashed green, red, then a bright white and continued to flash randomly. The UFO moved speedily to the left, turned and went back to where I initially saw it in the sky. Due to the city lights my sons phone couldn't focus on the UFO. It flew backwards quickly and hovered in place for another ten or so seconds. And then accelerated diagonally north west getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared all together in the night sky. I felt both excited, eerie and utterly baffled after the event took place. mufon cms# 80632

Witnessed by 4 people, multiple UFOs outline looked like space shuttle Hudson NY 11/4/16

Girl Friend and I were traveling to Hudson, NY on I-90 East around 9 pm when we saw an UFO in the sky near the highway. It had very bright lights and we thought it was probably a helicopter flying a Medevac route or military. Didn't think much of it. Around 10 pm went outside house in Columbiaville, New York and saw 3 UFOs like the one we saw on the highway earlier in the sky. They were moving slow with no regular patterns. They were low on the horizon. One UFO was due south of the house and as I watched flew over the barn across the street and came over our house. The craft made a low rumble, moved fairly slow and the best shape I can describe is it looked like the space shuttle from the bottom. My Girl Friend and Mom saw a beam of white light go down to the ground for a few seconds from one of the UFOs. Eventually there were 6- 8 UFOs in the air. I called 911, they indicated they had no other calls. I also called the Columbia county sheriff's and they said the same. This was a localized event after 10 pm in a rural area and unless you were sky-watching you wouldn't have seen this. The event lasted about 60-90 minutes. I'm an Electrical Engineer and a skeptic but have no explanation for what the 4 of us saw that night. (Nov 4, 2016) mufon cms# 80648