Friday, October 7, 2016

Counted 14 UFOs two UFOs remained above 12 UFOs searching woods Grass Valley CA 9/26/16

I had gone to pick up a friend who called me at approx. 1230 am Sept 27th to rescue her from a domestic violence situation out on an old logging road there are a few homes out on this road as well named Jones Ridge road here in grass valley. I found her sitting on road it complete darkness. I picked her up and continued down Jones ridge top try and reach the other end that comes out close to my home. About 2 miles down Jones Ridge I high centered my car and busted a fuel line and all my gas drained out and we were now stuck in middle of deep forest in complete blackness in the middle of nowhere. I began trying to patch the fuel line I did not have anything to do this with so I tried to "Macguyver" it with a maxi-pad, string and a zip-tie (ya that happened) So I was on my back on the ground attempting this repair and the first thing I noticed was there was ZERO NOISES coming from the woods. No crickets, frogs, crunching leaves...NOTHING ! If you know the forest..THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN...EVER ! When I noticed there were no sounds coming from the woods I pulled my head out from under my car looking straight up. That's when I sighted the first two of these UFOs. They were straight up above us very high up...I'd say about 3,000 - 4,000 ft hovering and moving slightly back and forth and up and down but maintaining their position. I was immediately excited and stood up covered in red clay dust from the ground. I called to "G" my friend to come out of the car and look she did so and became very upset and started to cry and become hysterical...I hugged her and gave her my best not "all Aliens are bad" speech.. she began screaming.."we have to get out of here they are going to abduct me !" I told her to please keep her voice down and that we couldn't leave because of the busted fuel line. She calmed down a bit and that's when we saw the other UFOs. I counted 12 of these UFOs to our immediate north in the woods at varying distance form 20 yards to maybe 60 yards they were all in the woods about 10 ft from the ground to maybe 30 ft from the ground. They looked to be searching for something in the woods. They were "C" shaped turned sideways (up and down) gray metallic with 2 lights. One on the top end of the "C" and one on the Bottom of the "C". They were each a little larger than a VW bug approximately. I asked "G" to hand me the mag light because I wanted to blink it at the two hovering to see if I could get a response (big mistake) "G" objected and began to cry again..I should have listened. She handed me the light and I began slowly flashing the two bosses (what they seemed to be ) above us. The blinking provided no response so I held the beam steady on one of them..Thats when things got a bit "hairy." When the solid beam hit the one UFO it stopped moving completely as well as the one next to it a stood completely still in the sky. While I was looking up "G" began to scream ..."Oh my god...oh my god they're coming !!" I looked down and over to where she was pointing into the woods. ALL !2 of the UFOs in the woods had stopped their search and were rushing down the hill weaving in and out of the trees directly for us. Thinking that the light had upset the "bosses" I quickly shut it off. The lights that were coming toward us ALL froze at once. holding in place as if awaiting orders. They froze for approximately a minute then turned around and continued their search of the woods. We watched these UFOs for about a half hour. I tried to film them with my phone but kept getting an error message that the phone was malfunctioning. That reminds me when I was on my way out Jones ridge to get "G" I had my stereo on running on a flash drive and it kept going In and out with static. I thought this very strange because it wasn't the radio it was a flash drive and not dependent on a signal. I got the patch to hold and had enough gas in the lines to start the car. We left the UFO lights to their business and headed down the road. We got 3 or 4 miles when the gas ran out and we slept in the car in the middle of the road until the next morning when my buddy "J" came out with gas and a proper patch.The next night I was on line and saw to my amazement that our UFO lights were part of a huge squadron like group that FEATURED WAS ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA NBC KCRA CHANNEL 3 SACRAMENTO AT 7:56 THE SAME NIGHT OF OUR ENCOUNTER JUST EARLIER. They were sighted above Rocklin/Roseville in a huge "C" formation heading east right towards "G" & Me. I took a picture of the NBC report along with a couple of the road with my car broke down on it from the next morning. I have always wondered how I would react to something like this...and to my satisfaction I had absolutely NO FEAR in me ..just wonder and amazement. I would be happy to take you out to the exact spot if you would like to search for evidence. mufon cms# 79639

Shiny UFO observed hovering an estimated 3 miles Bangor ME U.S. 10/5/16

While driving I observed a shiny UFO in the distance at approximately 12.30 pm local time. I first though it to be a helicopter with a landing light on as it was very small but bright and displayed little position movement. The UFO moved very little from my vantage points (I stopped twice to observe and take photos with my cell phone). The UFO appeared round with some thing hanging from it not a balloon gondola and not suspended by thin ropes but a thicker UFO hanging downward. I had the feeling this was not anything I had seem before and stopped twice to observe I noticed it seemed like no one else was stopping to look at it, and my cell did not want to focus even though it was in full daylight and focus should have been quick and accurate so I continued to shoot many photos bracing the phone on the rolled down window. The UFO was 3 to 5 miles distant in my opinion and of the size of a hot air balloon (maybe it was a balloon?) I was working and could only watch it for less than 10 min. when I left it was still hanging in the air. mufon cms# 79643