Thursday, September 22, 2016

UFO buzzed overhead potential contact / flyby Oshawa Ontario Canada

I can't really place the exact time and year of the event but it was maybe 5 to 7 years ago in Oshawa, Ontario. I had been meditating and deeply absorbed in the UFO topic at that point in my life and one the popular theories I had read was that many of these beings were telepathic and kind. So naturally I thought I could try and make contact if I broadcast my intent loud enough. For some reason at the time it was something I really felt that I needed, was that confirmation of these accounts of UFOs and telepathic exchange.

I went outside and began to meditate under a roof with a sunlight in my family's backyard. It was a clear spring / summer day with not a cloud in the sky. I was meditating to ask for contact or proof. I slipped into a deep state and awoke from it staring up through the skylight. I thought I saw seagulls flying over but then something came over me and I thought one of those shapes didn't have any wings. I got up and rushed out from under the roof and looked straight up and this silvery-white UFO quickly in a straight path and as if to prove it wasn't a bird it did a quick maneuver where it darted left really fast, and then again to the right and kept moving far away until within a couple seconds it was so far and out of site. It looked like it was way up there in the sky but low enough to see.

I couldn't believe it, not about what happened but that they would take the time to humor me. I believe since then I have had a few more sightings. Because I can't validate the details of the other interesting experience I will quickly state the facts. I was with my girlfriend at the time in the park at night. We were looking at the stars and realized one that looked big and bright like a planet disappeared then again re-appeared somewhere else in the sky or there multiple lights. They were stationary.

As well, given the circumstances of my first experience I had more meditations with the intent of contact. I would awake to immediately see a "shooting star" above me. Once I was I was feeling quite emotional laying on the ground in Toronto and remarked how the skies had so much light pollution we could never see any UFOs if there were any. Within a few seconds of that statement a shooting star passed right over. "ha ha very funny, that's not the point space-guys" Anyways I have come to believe there are interesting correlations between shooting stars and the intent to make contact.

UFOs and telepathy all in one. I have had a couple other experiences mostly internal that I will keep to myself. mufon cms #79324