Saturday, September 3, 2016

Metallic Ball Shaped UFO hovering in sky over Upminster GB 8/30/16


I thought you might like to hear of what I had seen on Tuesday At about 2.30 pm on Tuesday 30th August 2016 we had parked up in high hill farm Corbetts tey Upminster Great Britain. We was waiting to get another job for our office. I had gotten out of the passenger side of our work van and was leaning against the door of the van having a cigarette. I was looking up into the sky at two contrails left by airplanes .They was in a v sort of shape that had the bottom end cut off if you get my drift. that's when I noticed ,it a metallic ball shaped UFO just sitting there in the sky dead center in the middle of these 2 contrails. The day was sunny and the sky was clear blue only a few clouds in the we are surrounded by airports here so there was planes in the sky and you could make out the shapes of these planes quite clearly even those that I would say we're long hull flights and was quite high in the sky but this was definitely a ball shaped UFO. It was motionless at the same height as the highest planes and it did not move at all in the ten or so minutes that I was observing it. My colleague seemed to think that is was a drone or a balloon but it was motionless it didn't move at all in the ten minutes or so we observed it so it wasn't a balloon and I would not think a drone would be able to reach those heights ( I read planes travel at 45000 ft and this UFO seemed to be on par with that at least ) The UFO then moved slowly to my right, it's left . If I can explain using a clock face I would say when I first observed the UFO it was at 12 o'clock in the sky it then moved to 2 o'clock where it again remained stationery but it seemed a little higher in the sky then before as it was harder to see it. This movement took a couple of minutes and we again kept watching it although now it was becoming hidden by a few clouds so it was harder to see. It was only that we knew it had moved that we could see it was still there. We then stopped observing it and loaded up jobs for the rest of the day. When we had finished and was about to leave the farm I looked into the sky again and the UFO had moved back to where it was when I had first observed it although it seemed much higher in the sky then before I know it wasn't a plane as planes could be clearly seen in the sky at the time . On first observation this was clearly a metallic ball shaped object . In the first 10 mins or so it did not move at all it just sat motionless in the sky so it could not have been a balloon or helicopter as it was to high up also I believe a drone could not fly that high. After I had seen the UFO back in its original position for at least a couple of minutes we left the farm and I did not observe it any more as we went to do jobs. MUFON CMS# 78898

UFO Sighting between 1:45-4:00 am four UFOs hovered stationary WI US 9/3/16

While sitting in my hot tub I always watch for satellites, I noticed 1 bright white UFO that was darting around in multiple directions then would stop and hover, I then saw 3 more in different parts of the sky. The first UFO was over the Norther Bay of Green Bay, one to the South of me, and two UFOs to the North. I grabbed my binoculars and could see bright white UFO orbs with multicolored pulsing lights. They would move abruptly in any direction they wanted to, then stop and hover again. These objects remained in the sky for several hours. They had absolutely no sound. I estimate their elevation at 15 to 20 thousand feet. MUFON CMS# 78896