Thursday, August 18, 2016

Latest UFO Sighting very wide single chevron made up several bright lights Safford Arizona 8/17/16

On the night of August 18th, I was sitting with my mother and sister on my mother's back patio when we saw a formation of 10 or 12 extremely bright UFO lights due east approximately 30° above the horizon. Each light appeared about the size of an aspirin when held at arm's length and the total formation covered a width of about 10 inches at arm's length. The UFO formation seemed to twist on a central axis slightly then the lights on the outer ends suddenly and quickly moved towards the center in an arc movement, merging with the next lights in. Those UFO lights then moved quickly and merged with the next ones; this continued sequentially until there was only one bright UFO light in the center which then emitted a cloud of swirling, sparkling smaller and dimmer lights just as it disappeared. Our sighting lasted for about 8 seconds but the lights were already there when we saw them so they could have been there longer. It seemed to be extremely large, quite high, and fairly distant. All three of us witnessed this. These UFO lights were definitely not fireworks; any fireworks close enough to appear that large would have been audible as it was a quiet night and there was no accompanying cloud of smoke. Three aircraft were also in the same quadrant of sky moving towards the area where the lights were but they were too high to identify. The aircraft did not appear to be in formation but were moving fast. My mother called the local sheriff's office to report it. The deputy she spoke to stated that a similar UFO Sighting had been reported the previous night. I also posted to a local face book group and one other person replied that he had seen it as well. Additionally, the cat seemed very disturbed and climbed to a spot she had never climbed to where she sat staring in that direction for nearly an hour. Note: I grew up in this area and am accustomed to seeing maneuvers from Davis Monthan AFB being carried out over this valley; this was most definitely nothing like that. MUFON CMS# 78509

Black Egg Shaped UFO very small unusual flight pattern MD US 7/16/16

We were in the back yard in the swimming pool and I noticed a black football shaped UFO at the edge of the clouds. I told my son to get my binoculars and after viewing the UFO with the binoculars I had him get my camera. It would fly left then right, hover and go in the clouds then come back (which is what made me think it was a drone). After viewing the UFO in my binoculars I was sure it was not a drone, UAV, or a weather balloon. It was very exciting because my whole family got to witness it and look at it. Once we looked at the pictures on the computer it really got us to wonder exactly what was this we just viewed. Finally it went into the clouds and we did not see it again. I would be very interested in finding out if anyone else saw the same thing we did and what it was. I have showed the pictures to several Naval pilots and others who work in aviation here at PAX river and they encouraged me to submit these photos. I also work in the aviation industry. MUFON CMS # 78511