Saturday, August 6, 2016

NASA Suspends Live TV Feed over UFO Sightings?

"UFO theorists will now surely look at NASA's move as further confirmation after a live NASA video feed by the ISS was cut on July 9th as a blurry round object was seen descending from the upper-right corner on the live feed before the screen went dark as the UFO appeared to stop and a notice followed indicating technical difficulties. The incident was captured on a You Tube video that prompted alien hunters and conspiracy theorist to think that NASA was covering up the sighting." NASA Suspends Future Live TV Feeds from the International Space Station --"Move Follows UFO Cover Up Claims" DAILYGALAXY.COM credit Frank Stalter

UFO Aliens on the mind Roswell & the UFO Phenomenon

Prior to 9/11 it was the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories, a cosmic Watergate," says William Dewan, a professor of history at the University of California at Irvine, who wrote his doctorate dissertation on the UFO phenomenon. "The contemporary climate is key to understanding these events.New Mexico commemorates the anniversary of a supposed alien spacecraft crash in 1947 and an alleged government cover-up.Aliens on the mind: Roswell and the UFO phenomenon

Are UFO Alien Experiencers always Abductees?

The answer is NO! Over 1,200 individuals responded to this question and we determined that only 32% of those that have had both UFO contact AND contact with a Non-Human Intelligence have also had what is commonly called an "Abduction". Thus, 68% of Experiencers are NOT ABDUCTEES. How many of you have seen a UFO, have had contact with non-human intelligence, but have NOT had an abduction? credit Reinerio Hernandez_FREE

UFO Virtual Experience of the First Kind 2016

The UFO & Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to the study of UFO, paranormal and related phenomenon so that we may better understand the Universe and our role within. In this talk I describe an astounding UFO sighting report that I obtained from a Department of Energy maintenance engineer. The event took place when he was working at the research facility in the Santa Susana Pass. While visiting our Kaiser Panorama City ER he revealed to me that an act of sabotage had taken place when a UFO cut a large pipe that brought water to the labs that he was in charge of maintaining.
I also discuss my contact experiences in which I was shown by UFO intelligence how they use visual displays that are illusions to interact with human subjects. This is what I call a Virtual Experience of the First Kind. Joseph Burkes MD Here is a link to talk I gave on July 17th, 2016 to the UFO and Paranormal Research Society Los Angeles.