Monday, July 25, 2016

African Dogon Tribe and Their Nordic UFO Alien Gods From Sirius

How did an African tribe come to possess advanced astronomical knowledge about the Sirius star system? Dogon Temple related this race to the legend of the Nommos and contended that the Nommos were extraterrestrial inhabitants of the Sirius star system who had traveled to Earth at some point in the distant past and had imparted knowledge about the Sirius star system as well as the Solar System upon the Dogon tribes.  The Dogon Tribe and Their Nordic UFO Alien Gods From Sirius credit Kamenov Miro

Why do we continue to deny the UFO Alien phenomena?

Throughout written history their are many pictorial and written accounts of UFO Alien contact either through personal experiences or mass sightings of aerial UFO sightings. Accounts of this phenomena has continued up to the present age. So Why do people argue there is no evidence of aliens/UFOs when there is tremendous amounts of video, photo, mass sightings & abduction reports... credit Glyn Williams

Survey reveals what type of Beings we are experiencing? 7/25/16

• Over 75% view their physical contact experiences as “Positive”
• Only 15% have viewed their contact experiences as “Negative”
• The “Energy Beings” (55%) and “Human Looking Being” (54%) is the most common type of being seen by Experiencers and not the Short or Tall Greys;
• 593 individuals have seen an “Energy Being”
• 5% view the Energy Being as “Mainly Negative
• 570 individuals have seen a “Human Looking Being”
• 5.5% view the Human Looking Being as “Mainly Negative
• 542 individuals have seen “Small Grey Being”
• 11.72% view the Small Grey Being as “Mainly Negative
• 498 individuals have seen “Ghost/Spirit Being”
• 6.6% view the Ghost/Spirit Being as “Mainly Negative
• 346 individuals have seen “Tall Grey Being”
• 10.5% view the Tall Grey Being as “Mainly Negative
• 270 individuals have seen a “Reptilian Being”
• 23% view the Reptilian Being as “Mainly Negative
• 238 individuals have seen a “Praying Mantis Type Being”
• 9.44% view the Praying Mantis Type Being as “Mainly Negative
• 1,092 individuals stated they saw “Other Types of Beings”
• 8.8% view the “Other Types of Beings” as “Mainly Negative”