Tuesday, June 7, 2016

UFO was like very large telephone pole suspended in the sky 6/1/16

We were driving through town after a stop AR Cumberland Farms. My husband said "What is that? It looks like a giant telephone pole on,its side. We lost site for a few seconds, while turning on to our street. There I had a perfect view through the sunroof. This UFO appeared to hover and gently sway like a balloon. However it was very large. My pictures didn't capture how big the UFO was to the naked eye. At our house, my 18 year old son, and a friend also observed it. I took several pictures. I see the UFO in only 2 photos. This was at 1130, and very sunny, so difficult with my Samsung phone. All agreed it was weird. A logical maybe explanation was an escaped float/balloon/advertising display. My husband offered, maybe a huge tire float display escaped, and we were viewing it from the side. I have been checking news, websites to see if anyone else saw it. It was broad daylight, at 1130, and beautiful out, some else should have seen it. The UFO appeared to be going higher, and to the west, slightly north. MUFON CMS # 76874