Saturday, April 30, 2016

UFO Alien Sightings They Are Here on Earth Video

UFO Signs: UFO Alien sightings strange lights in the sky continue to escalate across communities worldwide. Their "high strangeness" escalates as well - with UFO sightings of bizarre "dripping" lights to apparently structured extraterrestrial vehicles, the world asks the questions - Why are they here? Footage includes bizarre "smoke-like" emissions in space from NASA photography, consistently rotating energy-based entities, commercial airline pilots witnessing UFOs first hand, and a resurgence in the strange phenomenon known as sky flashes. This video presents evidence, not only that "They", whether Ultra Terrestrial, Extra Terrestrial, or however else you describe the Visitor "Alien" Phenomenon, are not only here - but that their agenda appears to include us and our children. Do elements of our government or the NWO know of their presence? And has the agenda continues, unabated, for decades?

The 2007 Alderney UFO Sighting Case Revisted

UFO Signs:

The 2007 Alderney UFO Sighting is one of the best reported UFO cases out there- so why the heck do we not talk about it more? Has Ufology began its walk towards the absurd and this case too "good" for it?

​It was 9 years ago, almost to the day, that on April 23rd, 2007, Ray Bowyer and his passengers aboard flight A-Line 544 departed Southampton, England. Alderney and Absurdity; Where Does it all Lead? It was a routine 45-minute flight in good weather and visibility- and as they neared their destination, they witnessed two large unidentified UFOs hovering over the English Channel for several minutes. credit Terra Obscura

UFO Sighting reported 4/28/16 Unexplainable Logic over Woonsocket RI.

UFO Signs: Unexplainable logic in what I saw over Woonsocket Rode Island.
As a prior service member and a veteran I tend to embrace a more logical explanation on things, what will follow in this UFO Sighting report has baffled and puzzled me in its complexity of engineering. I stepped out for a cigarette outside I have a view that allows me to see a bit of range over the tree line and most buildings in view. And in the quickest most unexplainable fashion and very bright oval in shape UFO (with a very bright HID light shine) soundlessly came into view as it zipped right in front of me then as quickly as it came into view this UFO changed complete trajectory and course and just went out of view. What messed me up was the fact that I'm trying to make logical sense of this,"thing/UFO/craft" whatever name anyone wants to put on this was definitely not something I know to exist nor do I know of anything that can move so fast and so bright and so soundless it was eerie and illogical. I'm perplexed and oddly uneasy. source NUFORC

Circular UFO Sightings reported 4/28/16 Near Famous Oak Island NC

UFO Signs: Mostly orange-red circular UFOs appeared in southern sky over ocean near Oak Island, NC. Seven red-orange circled UFOs appeared in the sky about 15-20 degrees above the horizon in southern direction over the ocean off of Oak Island, NC. These UFOs appeared first as 4 circles at 8:34 PM then others (or some of the same) again at 8:47 PM. The UFOs appeared rapidly out of nowhere and then disappeared within 5 seconds. The circles all appeared each as a large filled in circle of red-orange color. They all seemed to appear and disappear in the same general area (but not exactly the same)of the sky. At one point two UFOs were side by side before disappearing.They all seemed to disappear by collapsing into themselves. The two that were side-by-side appeared to have a halo around them. All circles were filled in with the same color and appeared to be large.