Friday, April 15, 2016

FAA Data Supports UFO Sightings Encounter Video

FAA Data Supports UFO Encounter! – Open Minds UFO Report Posted by: Alejandro Rojas April 15, 2016 Welcome to the Open Minds UFO Report! latest UFO news on a weekly basis, with interviews from news makers and UFO researchers

Latest UFO Reported North Carolina 4-14-16

UFO Signs:

-Date: April 14, 2016
-Time: estimated around 2025-2030 at first contact
-Location: North Carolina I-40 East (estimated to be. between Exit 355 and 364)

•Saw two flying objects in sky
- [Object 1] appeared to be a helicopter because of the lack of illumination from lights
- [Object 2] was close behind it and had brighter lights and a noticeable blinking light like a normal plane.

•As I got closer I noticed UFO 1 didn't have a blinking light like most aircrafts do and had a red light on top where I thought was the tail of the helicopter.

•Object 2 was still identifiable as a fixed wing aircraft

•I got closer underneath the two UFOs and noticed UFO 2 silhouette matched what I first anticipated it would be, a fixed wing aircraft. It's lights were located at the nose and both wing tips and we're very bright. Presumed to be military as their aren't any commercial airports nearby for it to be so low to the ground.

UFO 2 was unidentifiable. It wasn't what I thought It was, that being a helicopter. It wasn't even identifiable as a privately owned aircraft like a propeller plane. The silhouette appeared to be triangular. From underneath, it had a bright light at its frontal point and two dimmer lights at the remaining rear points. All three lights much dimmer compared to UFO 2. The front light seemed to reflect the underside of the aircraft which emphasized its triangular shape. The red light was no longer visible, possibly being located on the top of the aircraft.

•The UFOs were about as close as a closed fist held at arms length.

UFO 1 appeared as large as my finger tip if my arm was extended before me. UFO 2 was of similar size which surprised me as it appeared small due to dimness of lights.

•Lost sight of the aircrafts as they passed to the left-rear side of my vehicle. Last seen moving in a Northeastern direction.

I was first intrigued by the event because I don't usually see aircraft in the night sky in this area. Especially so low to the ground where I could see silhouettes. And what also intrigues me was the proximity of them. At first glance one was definitely escorting the other but I realized one was following the other ( UFO 2 following UFO 1). After that realization and with everything detailed above in addition to the fact that Ft Bragg Army Base (which has an airfield) was relatively close, I figured that this was a UFO being tailed by a military aircraft or it could be just a new aircraft. Maybe I'm just crazy. Source MUFON CMS# 75834