Friday, March 11, 2016

Operation UFO Saucer official Brazilian search for UFOs

Operation Saucer: The Official Search For UFOs That Attacked Brazilians With ‘Light Beams’ In 1977
While UFO Alien hunters concentrate their energies on pictures from Mars or the top secret Area 51 base in Nevada, an island off Central America was the location of a bizarre UFO Sighting were an unidentified Flying object "UFO"' attacked people with a laser like weapon. In this Brazilian city of Colares in the year 1977 the residents say that not only did they have multiple different shaped UFO sightings which were maneuvering at tree top levels but they were attacked by this strange appearing craft. Some of the witnesses state that they were able to see the occupants of these UFOs which appear to be small alien beings. The next several days after this UFO event the Brazilian Military were contacted and the military investigated the incident under the name Operation Kirk Walker